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Through The Leopard's Gaze

Beaten to pulp and left for dead, 13 year old Njambi found the courage to escape, fearing her assailant would return to finish her. She walked all night risking wild animals, robbers and murderers in the Kenyan countryside, before being picked up by two shabbily dressed men. She spent her life burying memories of that fateful day and night, ending up in London with a British husband and children. She had moved on, or so she thought until one day a simple unassuming wedding invitation card arrived in her mailbox causing her house of matchsticks to come crashing down. 

"An important voice." THE TIMES 

"Deliciously tart lines." Evening Standard 

"A compelling rarely heard perspective." FESTMAG 

"A cutting edge, confident comedian."FRINGEREVIEW 

"A must see." THE SCOTSMAN 

"Trail blazing." THE GUARDIAN

Through The Leopard's Gaze

  • You will receive a signed copy

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